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Advertise on the most Popular Video Platform and Get Noticed.

Trilogy Digital Media offers a great Branding Opportunity exclusively through Display Advertising on YouTube, to reach thousands of people in no time.
Recently we are providing inclusive alternatives for YouTube promotions according to your budget. Feel free to call us at 9806965455 or fill the form below for more inquiry.

You will get Admin + Setup + Monitoring for free.

People are spending hundreds and thousands on Analytics, SEO, Photoshoots & Video shoots, and Newsletter building but you will get all these services for free with us.

  1. Analytics – This involves various analytical goals & Audiences data’s about audience behavior and interests & connect throughout the campaign
  2. SEO – This includes a connection with the webmaster to find any errors and get more data to improve your campaign strategy and perform SEO tasks for better campaign effectiveness
  3. Photo Shoots and Video Shoots– You will receive Basic Photoshoots & Video shoots for promoting the online campaigns with no additional costs, (t&c apply)
  4. Newsletter Creation – If required it also includes the building of the newsletter, based on the Landing Page subscription.

YouTube Promotion Offer:

  1. Get Rs. 50,000 bonus on every Rs. 5 Lakhs Spent with a flexibility of how and when you want to use it.
  2. Get Rs. 15,000 bonus on Rs. 2.5 Lakhs Spent.
  3. Free 30 sec. 1-minute Video Shoot – TVC/Interviews/Customer Testimonials/Product Review etc.

Within this offer, you are required to invest at least 2.5 Lakhs which qualifies you to get this YOUTUBE INSTREAM AD Offer.
Start your video campaigns to gain great Branding Credibility & Reputation, increase your Views, Likes, Comments and Subscriptions on your own YouTube Content.

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YouTube Ads On:

In-Stream Ads

In-Stream Ads are True View YouTube Video ads that play during, before or after any video plays on YouTube.

In-Search Ads

In-Search Ads are True View Video Ads that appear in a Special Promoted Section of the Video Search Results Pages on YouTube and Google Video Search Engine.

Companion Display

It is an Image Advertisement displaying the Ad Content in a square banner alongside the YouTube video throughout the playtime.

Overlay Ad

It is an Image Advertisement displaying the ad content in a rectangular banner right below the video.


  • Targeting your Relevant/Right Audience, you can run your YouTube Videos on a scheduled basis.
  • Monitor the Performance of your Channel and Videos with up-to-date Metrics and Reports.


Benefits of A YouTube Video Ad:

  • YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine and 1st largest Video Platform and the 3rd most visited Website Worldwide, after Google and Facebook respectively.
  • Online Videos are the in-thing these days.
  • Refined Targeting Features (Topic, Interest, Remarketing, Demographics, Keywords, scheduling, Placements Category) and various other Ad Options
  • Research shows more consumers decide on Online Purchases after watching videos about products/services on YouTube Video Ads.
  • YouTube videos are easily shareable anywhere on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. This means your Business Exposure can increase exponentially.

The advertisements on YouTube are PPV, Pay Per View, meaning the advertisers have to pay only if their ad is viewed as per the duration watched. You Tube Advertisements provide a wide range of advertisement options from banner ads to skippable and non-skippable video ads. The feature of PPV in You Tube Advertisement just adds to its benefits.

  • The most popular video sharing website with a record of 4 billion video views in a day
  • As advertisements are PPV, the advertisement costs are true costs and are charged accordingly
  • Wider audience helps brand awareness
  • Targets the right group of audience
  • Unique and interesting videos have chances to go viral
  • Advertisements will only run on videos from trusted YouTube partners
  • The banner ads and video ads can be linked to the targeted site
  • Linkable adverts and videos promote interaction

The potential for Online Advertisements on YouTube is growing exponentially due to the higher sales conversions advertisers are experiencing on this video sharing platform. After Google taking over YouTube, advertising on YouTube have become easy and customizable with multiple options to choose from according to the type of message you want to show for your product.

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