Facebook Marketing Service In Nepal

Facebook is a Social Media site that is used by over 2.5 billion people, Facebook Marketing helps to find new customers among that many people.

Why Facebook Marketing?

With a reach of 2.5 billion users, Facebook Networking has made a mark for itself throughout its inception in 2004. 95% of Facebook users are active on a daily basis and it is the 2nd most viewed site on the Internet. So your Online Marketing Advertisements and Campaigns on Facebook will never go unnoticed. TDM is an Online Ad Agency in Nepal that has dedicated itself on knowing science of the Digital Marketing World. Hence, if you wish to base your Facebook Marketing Strategies in Nepal, we would be the choice for you. It is also proven that businesses can successfully grow with the Facebook Advertisements and Campaigns.

With Facebook Marketing

  • A properly defined Facebook campaign created as per the business needs will help gain more leads and reach wider targeted audiences.
  • Fully designed contests are run to gather most amount of popularity in the Facebook community and gather User Database.
  • Facebook advertisements and campaigns build interaction and customer trust.
  • Helps to increase Customer Loyalty.
  • It attracts targeted customers.
  • Facebook users not only consume the information but indirectly promote as well.
  • Wider grasp of an audience, but still, inexpensive.
  • 29% of 1.19 billion users visit Facebook multiple times a day. Thus, better chances of getting viewed.
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Facebook Management

A well-written Facebook business profile is an essential part of your Sales Pitch and is a great Online Marketing toolkit. If well maintained, it can bring your company to life and demonstrate your credentials through your people. Our experienced team will put together a well prepared Facebook business profile that adds value to your business.

Facebook Custom Tab

A thoroughly beautifully designed Facebook Custom Page Tab always attracts your customers and increases your Facebook Page Likes. It can be accustomed according to your needs and online marketing business strategy you might have. We will create a Facebook Accustomed Tab to allow your business to Highlight and showcase your products, events, CSR, Enquiry, Fangate.

Facebook Boost

Banner ads will be posted on the pages similar to your business product or service to target potential clients. Attractive clickable Banners will be shown to at least 1 million Users who are involved in similar groups and pages. This will convert into Leads through Facebook Likes and Business inquiries. This will add to a Higher Conversion Rates for your businesses from Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Campaigns correspond to each of your advertising objectives for your business. It could be for building brand awareness, driving web traffic or increasing Followers to your Facebook page. We design Facebook Campaigns to help you optimize and measure your results for each Objective across multiple Ad Sets and Ads.

Facebook Contest

Facebook Contests helps a business page to increase the number of likes and to increase user interaction. This also will promote your business to potentials Followers. TDM will help to draft a Facebook Contest that will aid in widely promoting your business and creating Brand Awareness through Facebook marketing.

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation are mostly effective for lesser expensive products or services. By keeping a track on visitor activity, visitor flow and web browser popularity, we can help your business draw number of qualified leads than usual. 

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We are a Internet Marketing Company that has been established to cater to your Client’s Web Solution Needs. It is a Digital Era so Businesses today needs to focus on Online Popularity as well. If your business is not Visible Online, then Potential Customers are unlikely to know about your company and your services/products.

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