Google Ads Training Course In Nepal

Google AdWords Training for Skill, for your business where you can control the Google AdWords account by yourself

Google AdWords is one of the essential platform for Online advertising for any Organizations. We at TDM through the booming internet usages are well aware and utilize such platforms for growing commercial trends in Nepal.

Online advertising – Standing up in the today’s business crowd, in delivering the right marketing to right customers along with obtaining higher ranking and higher number of visitors to your web portals and online conversion are few reason to online advertising. It requires better marketing strategy of correct way of doing it through online medium. A major advantage of online advertising through Google Adwords is the quick promotion of product information without geographical boundary limits.

With the Adwords Training or Adwords Course in Nepal with TDM you will not only find the easiest way of Adwords Handling but also receive Rs. 5000 worth of Google Adwords Advertising.

Adwords Training

Training Preference
Skype (Rs. 10,000)Direct Session Single (15,000)Direct Session Multiple (Rs. 13,000)

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Let’s learn to create Adwords Ad Campaign through Adwords Course in Nepal but first starting any Online marketing/advertising activities for your company it should be done primarily on 3 objectives: Branding, Traffic and conversion. Online advertisements are purchased through one of the following common Online Marketing Objectives:

  • Cost per Thousand (CPM): Cost per impression the number of times your ad message got displayed on contextual or managed portals
  • Cost per Click (CPC): You only pay per click occurred
  • Cost per Action (CPA): Advertisers only pay when a specific action (generally a purchase) is performed.

Online advertising immensely supports your business in expanding higher visibility, reach, finding new consumers and revenue streams diversification. With one day training, through Google Certified professional, which would be sufficient to operate an effective AdWords campaign on your own. Google AdWords Training for Skill, for your business where you can control the Google AdWords account by yourself & your department. We have been providing this training in Financial Institution over the year. Apart from that our support is available 24/7 to provide you a better Online Advertising experience.


Through TDM’s AdWords Training:

  • Run your Own AdWords Account effectively without 3rd Party involvement
  • Get a higher ROI, investing only the actual amount. PAY AS YOU GO BASIS (No credit card required)
  • Full Support and online guidance during working hours


Google Adwords Benefits include

  • Top of Google: 80% of clicks goes to top 5 listing, hence higher traffic and get trusted by customers, hence more sales.
  • Search Engine Listing provides high conversion rate: People will enquire or buy services from you because they are searching for your kind services.
  • Cost Effective: Compared to other traditional advertising, AdWords listing is more cost effective because you are only paying for potential clicks
  • Brand Awareness: Because of visibility on search engine, your brand is showing your customers that your business is an authority brand and people remember your brand while they need to get your kind of services, even in the future.
  • It improves SEO: Because Landing pages need to get optimized, well synced with your Ads and keywords your website will improve in organic ranking as well. Also linking with Adwords, Analytics and webmasters, the business owners can strategize online activities.


Before we begin the training

  • First, we will provide a running AdWords account to you.
  • We will find one best performing keyword in your industry Category, create an ad and publish it.
  • By the time your ad gets approved we will follow our training
  • Simultaneously, work on Search Engine Campaign setting on Adwords
  • Please note, as long as you require, we from our part will provide full support, consistently manage and monitor your ad performance finding a better result. Generate weekly/monthly report on visitor status on your website.


We will cover 3 Major Options:

  1. Google Search Engine: SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Bidding on keyword sets, and per set has the capacity to trigger 100+ more closer variant keywords. The number of keywords will constantly grow and CPC cost per click will eventually reduce constantly. (For example: “Nepal Aviation” is one keyword set)
  2. Google Display Network (GDN): Banner Advertising on all Google Display Network such as ekantipur, himalayantimes, bizmandu up to 30k+ websites and apps.
    • Contextual Targeting: Show banner ads on relevant websites
    • Managed Targeting: Continuously show banner ads on selected popular websites
  3. Google Video Advertising: You tube & All Google Network
    • Link Youtube with Adwords, GA and relevant platforms to track records
    • Promote in stream video ads on YouTube, promoting relevant targeted audience
  4. Guide to PPC Landing Page: TDM helps in landing page building for PPC campaigns. With this guide, you can build high-converting landing pages for your PPC campaigns in minutes.


AdWords Training Coverage:

  • Creating Ad Campaigns, Ad groups and link extension in Search Engine, GDN & Video Advertising
  • Landing page optimization
  • Editing Keywords and ads
  • Understanding CPC, CPV, CPM
  • Linking AdWords Account with Google Analytics and get effective campaign reports
  • Choosing the right keywords for Search Engine, and the right platforms for Banner and Video Advertising
  • Understanding Smart pricing & AdWords Discounter
  • Effective Bidding Strategy
  • Campaign Conversion Tracking
  • IP exclusion/Negative keywords/Ad Schedule
  • Geography Targeting

Who Can Attend?

The course requires only basic knowledge of advertising experience. The course is designed for advertisers, intermediate advertisers, online marketers, Digital Marketers and enthusiasts who are looking for a foundation on Adwords and online advertising.

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