Corporate Blog Maintenance Service In Nepal

Provide news and updates, expert tips, best practices and company news. Corporate Blog works as the voice of your Brand and enhance SEO and online reputation.

Take your Website Content to THE NEXT LEVEL!

Building a website is not an achievement of your business but a way promoting it in every way possible. Just standing as a static website among thousands of Competing Websites won’t take your business anywhere. The true value is when you shine among the crowd of your competitors. If you have a website, why not leverage it?

Trilogy corporate blog service

A business would not foster when a customer visits only once. When visitors repeat their usage of your site, this makes sure your business goes long-termed. Likewise, the art is in alluring your visitors to get updated with your website time and again. How to go about doing it? What new do you have to show to your visitors? If that’s your concern then this is where corporate blog shows up. This is an emerging concept among the business organizations in Nepal, but a proven and acclaimed one internationally. TDM is your Online Marketing Company that is well versed in every marketing strategy that we will provide you the blog content required to keep users enticed with the right content.

Blogging will keep your customers updated with your business and the related subjects. Blogging is related to creating content on your Corporate Blog on the articles that your targeted customers actually search for online like information, knowledge over a product etc. It creates the possibility of your website to be a knowledgeable source for your Target Audience and hence maintaining a reputation among the users. It is a must to keep your business active over the internet. Furthermore, corporate blog produces fresh content and fresh contents are more triggered by search engines to the top of the pages.

  • Delivers content in a personal way to promote interaction.
  • Search engine loves updates so, more the Updates, higher the Rank and higher the Conversion Rate.
  • Keeps you active and maintains your Online Presence over the internet.
  • Attract customers (old and new) to the website, making a positive effect in your business.
  • Blogging adds Personality to your business and creates Brand Awareness
  • Blogging can also assist in customer acquisition.
  • Create a customer buying cycle.
  • Builds consumer relationship and trust.
  • Increases Traffic to your website.
  • Promotes keyword optimization strategy.
  • Enhances online reputation.
  • Interactive in a real business environment.

How Does Corporate Blogging Help?


A whole new site would be created as a blog for a company based on Clean and Interactive Designs. We then manage the profile, pages, and categories for the blog site. Or we can add Content for Corporate Blogging to our already existing site to make sure you keep your users informed.

Weekly Blog Update

One blog post is updated every week on current affairs, knowledge bank or any interesting topic related to the industry.

Social Media Sharing Integration

The blog site comes in-built with social media sharing which helps to make the posts go wide over the social platforms. This can also enable users to share on their Social Media accounts making your post reach a wider spectrum of users.

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