Aerial Video Production

Capture a fresh and unconventional bird eye’s perspective through Aerial Videos to captivate and stimulate your audience.

Welcome to Aerial Video Production

Aerial Video Production is a relatively new term in Nepal although it has been present for years. This type of video can be beneficial for any businesses who want to look creative and contemporary. Through a bird’s eye view, it produces captivating videos of the landscape that will further help enhance your product’s beauty.

Aerial video can be used for hotels, resorts, real estate, entertainment, travel, tourism etc. and the scope is endless. When it comes to capturing the thrills and spectacular landscape, there is nothing like Drone Aerial Video. TDM has the latest Drone technology that can be used to show the best of your product and is handled by well-trained professionals. With aerial video, you can showcase your listings and products with gorgeous videos and spectacular photography.

Aerial Video is just an emerging concept in Nepal but widely acclaimed worldwide. Due to the benefit and quality it produces, our company decided to explore its features in marketing purpose that will undeniably benefit most of the business sectors in Nepal. We are probably the only one now providing Aerial Video Production in Nepal. With our effort to gain fast turnover for our shoots and due to the nature of the service, we generate the utmost in quality in every shoot maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Aerial Videography:

360° video capture

Drone provides a total 360° video capture that can showcase your landscape with added beauty and grandeur.

Stand out among the competitors

It is just a fresh concept in Nepal so promotion through an aerial video shoot differentiates you from your competitors.

Get popular

It is a new dimension to advertising, aerial video shoots. Aerial video for your business has the ability to go viral and gain more popularity through social media being imaginative and advanced.

Fast Turnover

With quality video shoot, it will showcase you as the best and help achieve fast turnover.

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