Gmail Advertising

In Gmail Advertising, you reach people where they spent most of their time online; their email’s inboxes.

Higher Sales Conversion with Gmail Advertisements

Gmail advertisements are Online Advertisements that are placed inside the Gmail inbox. They appear on the right banner or on the top or bottom of an e-mail. Google Adwords offers 4 different Ad Formats that can be selected according to what your business needs. TDM will analyze and recommend the optimal AD Format you can use to display your Ads online in Gmail.

Why Choose to Advertise in Gmail?

  • With 425 million monthly active users, Gmail now is the World’s largest Email Provider and grasps the widest pool of audience.
  • Advertisements are placed inside the inbox, so there is no way to get them ignored and is viewed by almost everyone.
  • Provides Branding Value to Audience viewing those ads.
  • Helps in sales conversion.
  • Advertisements works on Pay Per Click Advertising Format.
  • Target Competitor’s Brand Terms to heist their clients and make them yours.
Gmail Advertising

Format of Gmail AdS

By employing the use of the correct format, it will attract an audience to your Gmail Ads placed in their inbox. Gmail Advertising is an interesting business opportunity for Online Marketing. TDM is an Online Ad Agency in Nepal that will help you to optimize your profiting earning on Online Platforms.

Gmail Image Template

This is for branding purposes and is an Ad unit that features a Big Banner Ad that links back to a landing page.

Gmail Single Promotion Template

Uses a prominent image which is actually a Call-To-Action button to a landing page on your website in the Ad Unit.

Gmail Multi-product Template

This is best for eCommerce website where the Ad unit will let you display more than one product like an Online Catalogue.

Gmail Catalog Template

This allows embedding of YouTube videos, a Click-To-Call option or an HTML form in the Ad Unit.

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