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TDM only performs Advanced (SEO) Search Engine Optimization technique and execute as per Search Engine Ranking Factors and Algorithm to Improve Web Page's Visibility Organically.
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Consumers Always SEARCH for Business Online

The Search Engine Ranking of your Website is defined by several factors like how it’s coded, the tags it has used, the hyperlinks to your site, and how frequently users select your site from Search Engine Result Pages. These factors added up reveals where your Site stands in the Search Engine’s Ranking. When going through Search Engine Results Pages, interest mostly diverts to the first page of the Search Results. This is mainly the reason why Search Engine Optimization is very crucial. Through SEO Methods, TDM can facilitate your site in the 1st page of the SERPs in major Search Engines. This gradually can reach the Top of the Search. With your Business Websites or Blogs Optimized for major Search Engines, your visibly is 100% on Online Platforms. This will lead to prominent sales and conversion for your businesses.

Our SEO Services

Site Audit: Technical and Structural Adaptation

  • SEO Content Review
  • Accessibility / Spiderability
  • External and Internal Linking
  • Tag / Link Attribution
  • Code Quality and Ratio
  • Canonical Reviews
  • Keyword Research (Primary, Secondary, Long Tail)
  • And 150+ other SEO Technical Factors

Competitor Analysis

Online competitors have access to each other’s Company Information and Marketing Materials that they might not be able to gather as easily in the Offline World. This allows for even greater Business Opportunities to benefit from Competitive Analysis Data.

  • It assists you compare your Company Products/Services within the Industry.
  • Let’s you figure out where your Competition is going business wise.
  • Aids you in Strategic Planning for Marketing for your business both online and offline

Online Reputation Management

  • Remove Negative Listings from Top Rankings. Free with Corporate Blog & Social Media Marketing.
  • Promotes Positive Electronic Word-of-Mouth.
  • Tells your best story of Work towards improving Customer Satisfaction.
  • Increase Positive Brand Perception.
  • Provide Consumer with informed decision when buying your Product.

Why SEO?

At TDM, We employ White Hat SEO tactics following Search Engine Guidelines and updated Algorithm.

  • Brings your business to the next level
  • Reach Targeted Audience and Beyond
  • 60% of clicks go to the first results
  • Increase in Web Traffic
  • Builds Reputation
  • Drives offline sales
  • Helps People Discover your website if your website is a site of interest for them
  • Increase your Web Ranking
  • Enhance Brand Awareness and Credibility

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We are a Digital Marketing Company established to cater any businesses’ Web Solution Needs. Today’s customers search for information online so it is crucial to create an Online Presence to be visible. You can lose potential customers unknowingly by being invisible in Digital Channels. So keeping this in mind, our Team services to provide a One Stop Solution for your Businesses’ Online Marketing Needs.

We operate from Buddhanagar, Kathmandu. If you are interested in our service then you can simply contact us through an e-mail, or make a simple phone call. You can also request quotations of our services to get more details about the requirements for your business’s Digital Marketing Necessity.

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