How to create successful Leads?

Your business operates in fast-paced world of entrepreneurship thus your business needs competitive leads!

Lead Generation is an action or a process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. In fact, it is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. It’s the first step and critical step in the sales cycle.

70% of marketers say generating leads is their top priority, at the same time few marketers say generating traffic is their top challenges. Therefore, finding and implementing an effective lead nurturing strategy which works best for your target market should be your goal.

There is no single lead generation strategy that works for all businesses and industries. At times, implying certain lead generation strategy, marketers become able to generate a sufficient number of leads, but, end up having the low conversion rates and high cost per lead (CPL) which makes their lead generation not so effective as expected and also can be costly in terms of better ROI. If you have the similar struggle, TDM helps you to capture and convert a large percentage of leads for your business while still staying within your advertising budget.

TDM helps you create and manage your leads in order to boost your sales and marketing efforts, give you a variety of tracking and reporting tools and provide your account personalized attention that helps your business grow. It executes unconventional strategies that the rest of your competitors are not yet using and capitalize on them before they become over saturated.

How to Generate Sales Leads?

Observe Target Audience

User’s behavior evolves constantly, and is important to observe and analyze their behaviors. At, TDM we study your target audience to understand our clients marketing challenges, goals, and consumers buying behavior. Keeping your target audience in consideration we operate different campaigns in order to make potential customer connect with the business.

Create Quality Content

Effective content marketing prepares consumer interest to enquire positively. We create all types of planned content for your business that provides value to your audience. We create content intended to enhance business reputation, trust and based on consumer’s buying behavior which helps trigger acquired leads.

Execute Remarketing and Retargeting

We create your potential consumers the customized dynamic ads, based on there interest, by capturing user data from where or which they have shown interest in your website. TDM uses various marketing tools to execute proper Remarketing & Retargeting. In order to accomplish marketing goal we create various events, tracking & display customized ads according to the custom event created in accordance to the activities an online user does that creates conducive environment for lead generation. 

Get Responsive Website

Responsive web design is necessary to make your audience stay longer in site and persuade them to contact or fill the form. It also keeps the look of your site consistent and ensures everything is optimized for screens with various resolutions and devices. Similarly, with a responsive web design, your website will conform to the size of any device and keep your content looking professional, fresh, and, thus redirects the visitors towards potential Leads smoothly.

Integrate Marketing Campaigns

Following the same technique over the years doesn’t create leads you are intending to create. Experiment with different strategies so that you truly know what does and doesn’t work and when you know this and have listed your online marketing action points, you can use your time and budget more effectively to generate better lead generation results. We unify and integrate different tactics across multiple lead generation channels.

Participate at Speaking Events

One of the best ways to generate leads is to book yourself into speaking engagements. Take as many opportunities to talk at trade shows, conferences and panels. You can use public speaking as a way to convince and create leads then and there. More significantly, you can motivate attendees instantly to visit and like your Facebook page, to fill up a form on your website. The details they provide you on enquiry on your channel can be useful for your company to escalate leads.

Organize Seminars and Workshops

The most powerful and most underutilized lead generation tools are Seminars and Workshops. Hence, for overwhelming participation at the seminars or workshops create a Facebook Event or website page event about the event and promote on Facebook and Banner Ads with frequent subsequent updates so that everyone could be notified about the event you are organizing. Seminars with huge number of attendees provide you with the best opportunity to have your audience’s undivided attention and create an environment where people are significantly more invested in your message. Moreover, seminars and workshops collect important information like phone numbers, email addresses and their feedbacks about the attendees. It enables you to improve your services options and be in a constant contact with your potential leads and can easily convert. At the same time running a professional live video stream of your event.

Facebook Lead Generation

TDM, one of the best lead generation companies in Nepal which helps you reach out to your desired customers with the tried and tested Lead Generation Ads from Facebook. With this, you can now collect information from your target audience without moving them to a specific landing page and collect quick data. Particularly, If you are running small scale business, Facebook lead generation is really helpful to promote your services or products effectively. Almost everyone has access to Facebook but based on our experiences not all of them can afford high pricing items or they mostly are been ignored by customers who are mostly emotionally attached with the Brand, we suggest you look at our Online Marketing Options that is effective during your experimentation for effective Online Marketing, thus, there is no better way of acquiring leads than Facebook Lead Generation are mostly effective for lesser expensive products or services. By keeping a track on visitor activity, visitor flow and web browser popularity, we can help your business draw more number of qualified leads than usual. 

Run ads in CPA

Cost per Acquisition (CPA) is a payment model for method of generating only qualified lead that makes the chance of converting successful buyers higher than other media and save the time & money.  To know more please visit our PPC Service on the menu. Before trying CPA, we suggest to run ads optimizing lead generation campaigns through wide range of options available on AdWords. TDM conducts business centric customized CPA lead generation campaign understanding your brand targets. Keep in mind that for few businesses require top notch brand guidelines due to their sensitive customers, who can afford expensive products or are pretty Brand conscious. Luxurious products such as jewelry, automobiles, branded gadgets or services in Financial Sectors are mostly effective when you run ads based  on Brand Value and Emotions, you should create visualized Ads on Adwords  Banner Ads on GDN and YouTube Video Ads.

What are Common Lead Sources?

lead generation data graph

Where Do Your Company’s Leads Come from?

Customers may find your business or companies through dozens of channels. However, you need to be able to track lead source, a critical piece of data, in order to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and part of proper lead management. If you are struggling to well-define lead source values, let us shoulder your burden!

At TDM, we capture and analyze lead intelligence wherever it originates. We help you figure out right lead sources because we:

  • Have the right marketing and sales technology in place to gather and analyze lead data.
  • Organize lead data.
  • Track engagements and touchpoints throughout the sales cycle.
  • Tie activities to outcomes.
  • And continually analyze lead sources that bring the most qualified leads to your business.

In context of Nepal, our experiment shows social media and content marketing are the most successful forms of B2C lead generation source. Marketers who are promoting low prices commodities and services are the biggest benefiters of the social media lead generation, specifically Facebook. 66% of marketers notice lead generation benefits. As a channel, Facebook is rapidly becoming one of the top ways you can reach your audience, thus, an effective medium to conduct a successful lead generation campaign, specifically when lower cost products or services are intended to be sold out quickly. We have a proven history of successful lead generation campaign organized for numerous Small to Bigger Businesses.

Convert Online Leads into Paying Customers

TDM gives you Abundant Qualified Leads. Make Sure Your Sales Team Doesn’t Let Them go Waste!

Leads are only valuable if you can make them become paying customers in gradual higher sales rate. If you convert leads to customers, your revenue will grow and hence better ROI. Whichever the source may be, Fundamentally you have to be able to convert those leads in actual customers through proper analysis, evaluation, experimentation numerous series of marketing discussion with our involvements wherever required. Leads are only valuable if you can make them become paying customers or advocates of your brand, so it’s important to get this part of the marketing and sales process right. 

Imply SMS Marketing / Email Marketing

For maximizing your conversion, you must take full advantage of the power of SMS campaigns. We offer SMS Marketing which has a significantly higher read rate than other marketing mediums and is a great way to nurture existing leads. Once the phone numbers of potential leads are collected, we help you to convert them into actual customers by conveying your messages through SMS marketing. We also create great html email templates with engaging content keeping subscriber’s behaviors into consideration. We keep track of persons who clicked through on an email but didn’t convert on the landing page or people who didn’t open it the first time. Thus, we modify emails and make them more relevant to your readers. So that email messages get more opens, clicks, and sales.

Follow up Quickly

TDM can work with you to make initial contact with the leads using the automated emails on your behalf. We know that if you delay reaching out to the leads generated by online marketing processes, they may lose interest or turn to a competitor instead. Thus, your sales team should make use of potential customer’s phone number, email, and answer their query collected via lead generation campaigns run by TDM quickly. 

After receiving expected number of leads for you to start processing through your sales system not with the automated emails and should be dealt with the real human voice instead primarily. The leads should not only follow the qualified time but should be responded with the relevant frequency as well.

Qualify Leads

TDM works consultatively with you to qualify leads that enable you to gain greater results for the leads generated. We have an experience that different leads group should be treated with different approach by the sales team. We suggest you to categorize your leads into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs).  Conversion rate will be higher if your sales team is conscious about an immediate approach to sales-qualified leads (SQLs) as they may be ready to close positively.

Care Your Leads

TDM helps you segment your leads so that you can find the best way to follow up and stay in touch with each group.  It is crucial to keep your leads informed and show them that you care and they are sure to come back to you when they are ready to move to the next step. They have shown an interest in your product or service, so don’t lose the opportunity to keep them warm while on the phone call. 

Lead generation funnel by Trilogy digital Media

Measure Customized Conversion Funnel!

People who click on ads aren’t customers! Every online business has a few steps that people must take to become a customer. Funnel Conversion demonstrates the processes giving you a visual representation of the conversion data between each step. This allows you to: 

  • Determine which online channel is bringing more visitors
  • Use Data visualization to identify on which stage customers declined
  • What caused customer confusion or trouble thus they leave the form incomplete
  • When are leads most active, whether that’s a time of day, day of the week or time of year
  • What are seasonal buying trends and helps you prepare the business for peaks and troughs
  • Figure out what language or copy might be altering our customer’s behavior during checkout or sign up.
  • To be aware of bugs, browser issues and other technical nuisances.

How TDM make use of The Conversion Funnel?

Sales funnel tracking and measurements are very valuable when it comes to judging sales funnel success because it enables you to forecast sales and new customer acquisition. For each lead generation campaigns, TDM, set up The Customized Analytics Conversion Funnel and get almost immediate insights into why a particular group of users are converting well or not. We track most popular online channels or online campaign sources that are routing highest number of visitors to your lead generation campaign. Conversion Funnel reports the percentage of visitors who progressed through a set of events in order to perform a desired action. For example, you can see how many visitors progressed from visiting your web page, understand of where prospects are dropping out in the funnel so that you can step in and recover transaction. This report also shows the number who backed our bounced along the way. The very insight helps us to remarket and retarget the campaigns for generating higher percentage of leads.

We quickly identify either higher conversion rate has been possible by mobile devices or laptops, computers. Moreover, funnel tracking allows us to begin isolating problems at any point in your visitors’ conversion paths so we can take meaningful steps towards Lead optimization.

See Your Lead Generation Take Off!

TDM, the most trusted Online Lead Generation Company is praised for top-notch Lead Generation services that it has been providing the clients for years. The key success in Lead Generation is finding the most efficient means to reach your target audience. Thus, TDM unifies and integrates different tactics across multiple lead generation channels ensuring your message’s reach to right audience in right time. It has expertise at observing client’s customers’ profile and developing strategies to reach them with effective message that helps your business grow.

It offers the most innovative Lead Generation methods to generate customer’s interest or inquiry about the products and services of a business organization. By running sign up campaigns, form (lead capture form) fill ups, it provides relevant information and analysis about the generated leads to its clients. It makes sure to its clients that they only receive potential leads including their names, emails, phone numbers that makes them easier to keep record of appropriate customers and contact them. This helps the marketers to sort out the leads and in turn an increase in conversion rate is observed.

TDM’s experience and techniques are assured to provide you new leads for your business that will help you get the much required jumpstart!

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