Live Event Video Streaming in Nepal

Live Video Streaming and Webcast Services from Trilogy Digital Media provides Your Events the Global Reach.

Why You Must Make Use of Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is a great marketing mechanic to expand branding exposure in the online world. Many industries which own strong online presence on digital marketing are branding their companies via Live Streaming. For many business and companies, live streaming has been an effective way to connect with their prospective customers in a whole new way, making their brand more real, more relatable and more accessible. Irrespective of business sizes all brands are seeing benefits via the use of live streaming.

In Nepal, Trilogy Digital Media has been providing seamless Live Streaming Video service with its Expert Live Webcast Team. TDM assists you to Live Webcast your Event with ease and helps your Brand reach out to your Audience.

Trilogy Video Presentation


Facebook Live Streaming

We enable you through Facebook Live Streaming, reaching out to millions of people that engages your followers and lets them connect with you instantly.

Periscope Streaming

You cannot ignore Twitter. We provide you a complete assistance to stream your Event directly to your Twitter Audience.

Google Hangouts Streaming

We assist you to create and host Google Hangouts Streaming. It is a new way to connect with your customers and to showcase your expertise.

Live Streaming on Your own Web Server

Live streaming with us allows you to share your video on your own web server which ensures a Higher Traffic Flow on your website.

YouTube Streaming

Got an event coming up soon? Reach us right away for YouTube streaming with us. We offer customized professional YouTube streaming services which will be seamless, fast and reliable.

IP Based Streaming

IP-based streaming systems are capable of broadcasting video content for a large number of online viewers. Experience seamless live streaming with our live streaming experts.

Mobile/Tablet Streaming

Mobile and tablet video consumption grew 133% year-over-year. You can’t afford to overlook mobile video views. Get support to broadcast HD live video from mobile device or tablet from us.

Live Streaming on Thousands of Online Forums

With TDM, you will be showing your brand to potential customers on multiple Online Forums. With the capacity to live stream simultaneously in several platforms you can stream your video on Dailymotion, Ustream, Livestream, Twitch and many more.

Why Choose TDM for Live Webcast?

  • We offer High Video Quality Streaming at Most Affordable Prices.
  • Our Live Webcast Team is highly trained to offer the best webcasting service to you at the venue.
  • We are capable of setting up and delivering an event live at a short notice.
  • We own high tech state-of-the-art Live Streaming Setup.
  • We excel Mobile Compatible Live Stream Video .
  • All our packages allow unlimited viewers. Any number of people can watch live streaming video that we manage.
  • We enable you sharing live stream videos on thousands of other online forums including your own server.
  • We can provide a test live broadcast absolutely free of cost.
  • We offer customized professional services with seamless, fast and reliable live streaming.
  • We provide a complete assistance to our clients to organize a hassle-free live streaming.

Special Features

  • HD live broadcasting
  • No Ad interruptions
  • Recording of broadcasts
  • Mobile compatible player
  • Phone support
  • Event Website Creation
  • Video upload
  • Real-time Facebook/YouTube notifications to all your fans/ Subscribers
  • Embedding Customizable channel page
  • Email Invitation to your customers
  • Photo and Video coverage of the full event

What Type of Events Best Suits Live Stream Video?

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Panel discussions
  • Trainings
  • Beauty pageants
  • Town-hall meetings
  • Prize or award distributing ceremonies
  • Annual events
  • Weddings

Expand the reach of your events with live streaming! Engage your audience anywhere you want!

Why You Must Make Use of Live Streaming?

To Increase Your Online Reach In Nepal

In context to Nepal, businesses knows for the fact that in Social Media especially on Facebook acquire higher reputation when they have already generated thousands of likes to their pages. But what’s next is the question, since it is already know that Facebook has decreased the potential organic reaches. Live streaming is maybe the best way to reach maximum people. According to Facebook, people spend triple the amount of time watching a video when it’s live because of the nature of live content. Mostly live videos are exciting, in-the-moment, and give a sense of urgency to audience.

To Intensify Interaction with Customers about Your Business

When you simply make a post on a Facebook with an image, you hardly get any queries or comments below the post.  If your Facebook post can’t manage to stand out from average regular post you may not get new views rather your page will be at risk of losing concurrent viewers.  Thus, live video streaming from professional team can be a big help to retain and earn viewers.

Not to Miss Mobile Users

Mobile Compatible Live Stream Video made by expert live streaming service provider like, Trilogy Digital Media, will expand your audience by streaming meaningful content that appeals to mobile users more. When you fail to reach mobile users that might prove to be costly to your business because mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Once you expand your audience obviously there are higher chances for converting those persons into paid customers. 

To have simultaneous online presence various online platforms

Via the use of live streaming you will be educating people about your brand, company and the service or product you offer on multiple online platforms and on your web server as well. Hence, you will be showing your brand to potential customers. On the other hand, when you share your video on your own server, you website is like to get higher traffic flow. 

To Create a Sense of Urgency among Viewers

The Live Webcast Team at TDM jointly works with the team of online marketing strategist. Therefore, considering the purpose behind live streaming of the particular event, service or product we will propagate the message like “urgent” “act now” or “don’t delay” “limited-time offer” and actually convert into paid customers. 

Live Event Video Streaming in Nepal

If you don’t have sufficient information or are unknown about Live Event Streaming Services in Nepal, please contact us and our live streaming experts can provide you with an appropriate consultation and a customized estimate.


How much does it cost to broadcast a live stream video?

It depends on the duration of the event you organize. However, our company offers the entire services at the most affordable price to suit all classes of people. Please refer to our enquire bottom for more details.

Should an event venue have a high speed internet connection?

Yes, for an undisturbed live streaming venue should have a high speed. We also need table, chair and an electric power source at your venue.

How many days in advance can I order the service?

We are capable of setting up and delivering an event live at a short notice. If the venue is not in our convenience, give us an advanced notice at least a week ago.

Can I setup a test broadcast before the event?

Yes, we offer a free test live broadcast.

How many people can watch my live stream video?

Any number of people can watch it live. All our packages allow unlimited viewers.

How long can my event broadcast be?

It depends on the package you purchase from us. For more details please contact us.

What differentiates you from your competitors?

Our Live Webcast Team is highly trained to offer the best webcasting service to you at the venue.

What are the cities to which you offer this service?

We offer our services to all over Kathmandu valley.

How can I pay for video?

Please click on enquire bottom on the Price Box.

Which equipments are used in the broadcast?

Our crews will use Blackmagic Ursa mini 4K camera, Canon, Gopro Hero Five and Blue Yeti Pro. Micro phone

What should be considered before planning for Live Streaming with Trilogy Digital Media?

1. The streaming bit rate you’ll use (or choose the typical speed of 800 kbps if you don’t know)
2. The number of concurrent viewers you expect
3. Availability of a high speed internet connection
4. Duration of an event ( in minutes)
5. Venue of the event

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