Website Design and Development

We create and develop website that are eye candy, simple and easy to navigate to reflect your brand visualization better through your website.

There are hundreds of millions of web pages on the internet. Among them are the thousands of websites that could be of the similar business like yours. If the website doesn’t stand out then, you’ll lose your chance to make to impact the users of your website. TDM makes sure that your website design and development reflects your business perfectly.

Always remember that the interface of your website is the first look of your business, and first impression talks. Always make the first impression your best impression on all of your users and clients. Our team of professional employs the UX/UI principle during the development of your website to help create user experience when using the website all that better.

Importance of a Beautifully Designed Website

  • It can take brand recognition of your business to the next level.
  • An SEO friendly website can gain Good Organic Traffic.
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  • Properly coded websites can make their ranking in Search Engines.
Website Design & Development


Static Website Package
  • 20-25 Static Pages
  • Integrated Social Media Sharing Options
  • 24/7 Friendly Support


Dynamic Website Package
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Admin Control
  • 24/7 Friendly Support


E-Commerce Website Package
  • Shopping Cart System
  • Payment Gateway & Invoice Management
  • Google Analytics Integration


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Compare TDM’s different Website Packages and choose the option that best suits your business needs.

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Clean Interface

We create designs that are simple and have a clean interface enhancing easy optimal viewing experience for all your users.

Responsive Designs

We design websites that are responsive and users will be able to view your website at ease among different electronic devices.

Retina Ready

Our websites are retina ready providing high definition pixel density resulting in a sharper look for quality spectacle across a wide range of devices.

Properly Coded

Our designs are properly Coded providing proper Navigation and options. Proper coding is also important from an SEO perspective.


Our websites employ state-of-the-art security so that users providing sensitive information will not run into issues like identity theft.

Translation Ready

We have themes that provide translation in more than 50 languages and showcase several languages on a single website.

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We are a Internet Marketing Company that has been established to cater to your Client’s Web Solution Needs. It is a Digital Era so Businesses today needs to focus on Online Popularity as well. If your business is not Visible Online, then Potential Customers are unlikely to know about your company and your services/products.

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