Pay per Click Advertisements

Pay per Click Advertisements is a Profitable Way to Drive the Targeted Traffic to Your Media Platforms.

PPC are Pay-Per-Click Advertisements where you only have to pay when your Online Ads are clicked. TDM will bid on necessary Keywords that will trigger your Sponsored Adverts and reach the Targeted Audience needed for your business. The advertisement and the position is determined by the bid itself and a quality score, where the quality score is measured by the relevance of the ad, the keywords and the landing page, the ad’s CTR, advertiser’s performance history etc. We conduct PPC Management and maintain a High-Quality Score on those Pay-Per-Click Advertisements to eventually lower the Cost Per Clicks (CPCs) or Cost per Action (CPA).

  • Provides Branding Value
  • Wider Reach helps Brand Awareness
  • Cost effective way of Online Advertising
  • Contextual Advertising – Targets the right websites
  • Pay only for the Traffic Obtained through those Ads
Pay Per click service by TDM

TDM believes Google is the Best Pay Per Click Advertising Platform because of its wide ranges of options and control mechanism. Although, we will also cater to our client’s requests when asked and opt for other emerging Web Advertising Platforms like Yahoo, Bing,, Facebook etc. 

SEM Service by Trilogy Digital Media

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM through Paid Advertising Promotes the Visibility of your Websites in Search Engine Results Pages to increase the Traffic Flow of your website.

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Trilogy Digital Media seo service

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertisements or Web banners appear on websites in the form of attractive Image Ads which is subjected to the targeted audience you wish to gain.

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Gmail Advertising

The Adverts created for your business will appear as Google Sponsored Promotions in the inbox of relevant audience to increase Brand Awareness.

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youtueb advertising service by trilogy

YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertisements provide a wide range of Advert options from Banner Ads to Skippable or non-skippable Video Ads and employ the PPC technology.

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Facebook Advertising

Advertise on Facebook in various formats as it is a sure way to get noticed being a social media site billions use daily.

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Remarketing & Retargeting

Remarketing and Retargeting is the concept of triggering the potential clients and showing them the customized dynamic ads, based on what users interest is, by capturing there IP of which product they have seen in your website or other websites.

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High Exposure

Having the widest reach of audience, approximately 10 billion Web Pages, Google’s Pay per Click program can guarantee maximum exposure of your Ads.


Google PPC always targets the audience you want who can transform into clients and these Ads can target group according to their location, or certain age group.

Flexible Bidding Strategies

The flexible bidding strategies of Google PPC will allow advertisements and marketers to apply flexibility within one Campaign or different ones.

Pay per Click (PPC)

As an advertiser, you only have to pay for those advertisements that only generate actual traffic to your site. So make Ads that generate positive impressions to convert to Real Web Traffic.

High Quality Score

High Quality Score of your Adverts can lower your CPC and CPA rates. High Quality score is determined by the relevance of keywords with the advertisement and the landing page, the advertiser’s performance and the ad’s CTR (Click through Rate).


Google PPC provides flexibility for Online Advertisers on where they want to showcase their Online Ads. PPC Campaigns allow advertisers to choose the best fitting campaigns for your budget and according to the requirements of your website.

Pay per Click Advertising is a perfect way to market your services and products online in major Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The process of promoting your business is carried out by TDM who has a dedicated team of PPC experts with successful Pay per Click campaigns.

Our PPC campaign consists of:

  • Ad Test & Drive
  • Bid management
  • Campaign Set-ups
  • Copywriting and Creativity
  • Relevant Keyword Research
  • Real-time Campaign Optimization
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • Competitive Research for Chosen Keywords

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