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Outsource Online Marketing tasks to our dedicated and specialized experts so you can save precious time and resources.

Internet has become a part of people’s life. The first thing anyone does to find information online is to search online using Search Engines like Google and Bing. You can connect with your Potential Clients, Business Partners or Suppliers through Digital Channels. It is an easier and time saving process through Online Marketing Strategies.

Online Marketing or Digital Marketing is efficient and it is cost effective for marketing your Company’s Products/Services on an Online Platform. Promotion of your Company will be done 24/7 through the Online Marketing Medium as your targeted audience is always sure to be connected to the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized the way people shop around for ideas and it has changed their overall lifestyles.

If your company does not have an Internet Marketing team, you can Outsource your Online Marketing tasks to us. You would not have to waste time and resources until your team is assembled. With TDM, you get an access to our Exceptional and Current Marketing Strategies that will profit your business. Our team of dedicated professionals has the capability to plan and execute technology friendly marketing strategies.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A website is developed to market your products/services that a Company or Business provides. Your website should always be Search Engine Friendly. Search Engine Optimization is a tedious process of making sure that your website is Highly Ranked in Search Engine Results. Contract us your SEO work to get optimal results out of your website. Our team of creative writers, designers, technical leads and developers follow Google’s Guidelines strictly and update ourselves on the changing Search Engine Algorithm to make sure we deliver exceptional Website Optimization.

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SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing that involves promoting your websites. This will increase your website’s visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). In comparison to SEO, SEM is a much broader term and is Paid Advertising to be more apparent in Search Engine Results Pages. So, SEM covers different alternatives that are available when using a Search Engine’s technology. TDM will create ADs with affluent SEM campaigns that show your focused audience your Company’s products/services. This will result in a Higher Conversion Rate.

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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is an Online Advertising Model in which you get charged every time your Ad Online gets clicked. PPC Advertising is a time-consuming procedure when you do not know your way around it. Your business will generate losses even before you can acquire sufficient customers. When you Outsource Online Marketing for PPC Ads, TDM identifies a keyword first, then set a budget, bid for the appropriate key words and so on. We always run a Profitable Online Campaign for our clients.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing bridges a connection with you and your customers thus building good clientele relations with all your customers. An Online Newsletter through emails will help to increase awareness about your products/services of your business. It is an Easy Communication to all your clients through a newsletter. Creating a Good Newsletter needs investing time. TDM is well versed in Marketing Tactics to be able to produce Newsletters that will highlight and promote your business/company efficiently.

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Corporate Blog

To boost Online Marketing of a Company, regular Content Creation on a Corporate Blog is a must on the website. You can’t keep changing most information on your website as you deem fit. However, through a Corporate Blog, you can inform your audience of all newly added Services/Products. Hiring an in-house writer is an unnecessary expenditure if your company’s objective is not Content Creation. TDM offers Content that are well optimized and user-friendly that your audience or potential audience enjoy. Our writers are capable in writing blogs relating to all fields.

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Website Design and Development

Website Development is introducing yourself to an Online Audience. That introduction is done via a website. Doing so will provide information about your business/company on an online platform. This way your website can be easily archived and accessible online when someone searches for information online. Your website must be professionally designed and showcased. Our team will design and implement a website that will suit the Module of your Company’s image. In addition, we also provide domain registration and website hosting services along with the development.

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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is to attract Web Traffic to your website through Internet Advertising. This Banners Ads will appear in the form of images on sites that display Online Ads. It will directly link a landing webpage of your website via those Banner Ads. TDM will create a Web Banner that will promote your business on Host Websites to inform, notify about new product/services, increase brand awareness and so on about your website.

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Youtube Advertising

YouTube Video Advertising is always beneficial as it creates a Visual Representation of your products for your targeted audience. YouTube is the biggest video platform that reaches billions of users daily. When you Advertise on YouTube, brand awareness of your company grows as well. TDM strategies on using this Digital Channel for conversion for your business. It is equivalent to being High Ranked in Google Search Results Pages.

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Outsource Content Writing

Fresh, In-depth and original content is what TDM excels at!

TDM, as the best content writing service provider in Nepal, owns a diverse team of content writers specializing in Blog Writing, Website Content Writing, Technical Writing, Review Writing, Advert writing, and Video Script writing.

To provide the best level of content creation service, our experts focuses on fully-researched, concise, informative, and eye catchy classified write-ups which attracts, engages, delights and retains your customers. We also help you create a comprehensive content strategy for all your digital channels and then promote that content to reach the right target audience.

You can also build your SEO base with our SEO Content Writing Services in coordination with our Online Marketing Manager who will provide shareable content for your brands. After a good keyword research, we create content using those keywords or the actual search terms people are using, so the content created by TDM effectively “answers” the queries people are making over internet.

Get our writing professionals to achieve more website traffic, more followers on social media and increased brand perception!

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We are a Internet Marketing Company that has been established to cater to your Client’s Web Solution Needs. It is a Digital Era so Businesses today needs to focus on Online Popularity as well. If your business is not Visible Online, then Potential Customers are unlikely to know about your company and your services/products.

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