SMS Marketing

Promote your business via SMS Marketing and keep your customers engaged and informed to increase customer loyalty while building a database of all your customers.

What can SMS Marketing be used for?

In this technological age, our smart phones are devices that we depend on most. SMS Marketing is efficient as an SMS is most likely to be read. 30% of all SMS campaigns get responses rates that help in the conversion of your business. TDM will make sure that you communicate your incomparable branding to all your customers. There are so many variable reasons to use the platform of SMS Marketing to nurture the growth of your business. Please remember that the numbers we will SMS random numbers. It will be collected through Marketing Campaigns like Lead Generations, Sign up, Call-to-action, etc.

  • Marketing Campaigns.
  • Promotional Activities.
  • Product Launch Alerts.
  • Discount Alerts.
  • Special Offers.
  • Reminders and News alert.
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Benefits of SMS Marketing

As we mentioned above, SMS Marketing is a great Marketing Tool. Your campaigns are always directed to the right people. TDM comprised of industry experts in Online Marketing and Online Advertising so our efforts will always show results.

Cost Effective

Your SMS marketing campaigns will be designed towards your budget which can be of all size. You can meet your marketing targets without having to break the bank and still see a healthily Return on Investment.

Direct and Personal

It is just like meeting your customers face-to-face and we make sure that the message gets delivered to the right person. SMS updates are ways to build trust with your customers as they will only sign up with companies they believe in. It will help to build a personal connection with all your clients.

Instant Delivery

When TDM sends out the bulk SMS to your customer, it will be delivered in an instant. Also, customers will always open the SMS. 90% of messages always get read within 3 minutes of delivery. SMS Marketing is a swift and effortless way of getting your message across to customers.

High Conversion Rate

Since SMS has a high open rate, this ensures that a high rate of subscriber action is confirmed. When an SMS is about promotions or contests, it makes sure customers will always leap into action. This is a added bonus for a High Conversion Rate.

Limitless Market Potential

There are a boundless number of mobile users out there which translates to a boundless number of customers you can reach. SMS is a way of communication that is embraced by everybody. Since mobile phone users represent all demographics, you will be tapping into a marketing Gold mine as the market potential is virtually limitless.

Mobile Friendly

SMS Marketing is very mobile friendly as there is no need for templates and designs to designate them. In this digital era, everything is competing for a mobile friendly trend as customers preferred using phones rather than other electronic devices.


TDM will be able to track all the SMS being sent and be able to track, analyze and record links being clicked on your SMS Marketing campaigns. This will help us to plan further campaigns that will benefit your business. Plus customers always love another SMS that will give them something to think about.


SMS Marketing does not require to anyone do anything but send bulk SMS to customers that matter. This is in turn leaving a smaller carbon print. So companies who wants to adopt a Green aptitude can always adopt Online Marketing tactics like SMS Marketing.

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