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Nine out of ten (90%) global marketers are not trained to calculate return on investment (ROI), and 80% struggle with being able to properly demonstrate to their management the business effectiveness of their spending, campaigns and activities, according to new research. Thus, if you would like to see greater ROI on your internet marketing efforts, you should contact to an agency to identify the areas where your online business tactics can be improved.

At TDM we make possible accurate measurement of ROI for your internet marketing is possible, but it isn’t an exact science. We have better advanced understanding of how Google Analytics (or your analytics program) treats campaign conversion attribution. With information on clicks and sales from PPC, organic search, and social media, we can suggest you allocate spending to only the beneficial areas to get the most impact on your bottom line, gaining higher ROI.

Track Marketing Performance

At, TDM, we start measuring and tracking everything possible to make the most of your Marketing campaigns and to get the most accurate calculations of ROI. Thus, we make use of advanced Marketing analytics softwares which will be also conducive for a completely optimized website and to run a very tight, organized campaign.

Using Google Analytics We Assess

  • People who visit your site
  • Where your visitors live
  • Devices used in viewing site
  • Websites sending referral traffic
  • Traffic driving marketing tactics
  • Visitors converted into leads
  • Way to improve website’s speed
  • Most liked blog content

Social Media Metrics to Measure ROI

At TDM, we measure social metrics such as followers, likes, comments, and shares to make sure whether you’re achieving your goals and objectives. These metrics are integral to gauging the overall health of your social presence, measuring yourself against competitors, and determining what type of content is resonating with your audience.

We Use Social Media Metrics to Measure ROI

  • Reach
  • Audience engagement
  • Site traffic
  • Leads generated
  • Sign-ups and conversions
  • Revenue generated

TDM Helps you Generate:

More Traffic.
More Leads.
& More ROI.

TDM Return on Investment (ROI) Promise

  • We Calculate a Return On Investment (ROI) percentage for every single client before we begin any work.
  • We make the results transparent with a clear ROI figure
  • We Deliver a professional service through our Google certified team
  • We provide innovative strategies that maximize your campaign budget
  • We constantly review your campaigns to ensure you’re getting value for money
  • We identify new marketing opportunities
  • We keep our fees as low as possible so even the smallest company can afford to get found online
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Is ROI Really What You’re Looking For?

We have a number of packages available for you, depending on where your business currently stands; from brands just starting out in online marketing to those who are already active yet want to improve their position in a competitive space and improve ROI.

  • Content Audit– Assessment of your current assets to see areas of strength or improvement
  • Content Plan– Creation of a plan to lead your strategy toward your goals
  • Onsite SEO Audit– Survey of your onsite factors like optimization, URL structure, etc
  • Analytics Review– Evaluation of measurement factors and top performing content
  • Competitive Link Analysis– Analysis of your competitors link strategies and placements
  • Social Media Audit– Audit of your social media platforms and suggestions for optimized use
  • Keyword Research– Review of your current and future focus keywords
  • Target Audience– Evaluation of your target audience, demographics, and personas
  • Competitive Content Analysis– Investigation into your competitors’ content and how you match up
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