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This column deals with the kind of FAQs related to Pre-sales of our services.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing or online advertising is any tool or strategy to make your business appear in the public eye.

Why do I need Internet Marketing when I already have an offline campaign that works?

Today, internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and erased all boundaries. As the customers are 24/7 on the internet, there is no any better place for showcasing your products and services. With effective online marketing tools and strategic implementation your business appears all over the World Wide Web.

Why do I need SEO?

Customers are searching for your business online. You potential customers does not know about your website or your business. They are just searching for the service or products through Search Engines. When your business website is visible in the Search Engines then only, they can know about your business. With SEO, you can optimize your website to be visible in the first pages of any search engines as its a fact that when customers are going through search engines, their search is mostly limited to the first pages of result. If your website is not visible there, your business is not visible to them.

Why do I need Pay Per Click Campaigns?

Google PPC is the fastest way to guide targeted customers to your website. Google PPC can boast of having the highest conversion rate.

What is Pay Per Click?

Google PPC are Pay per Click advertisements that are strategically placed by Google, whethere in Search Engines or on any third party websites. Search Engines Marketing, Banner Advertisements, You Tube Advertisements, Gmail Advertisements fall under Google PPC. With Google PPC, advertisers only have to pay for the traffic generated by that particular advertisement.

How can my site appear in the top pages of Google?

The process of optimizing your website is based on some Google Algorithms. SEO is just following the process required to optimize a webpage. It is gradual process and it may take about 5 months or so to be your website visible on the first page of a search. Also, it is based on some quality score that you can earn through constant optimizations.
On the other hand, SEM is a paid way of showing your website at the top. It is mainly based on the keywords advertisers bid to show their advertisement on the top of a search.
With both SEO and SEM enabled to your site, the chances of ranking to the top actually doubles.

What is Email marketing?

E-mail marketing is sending out newsletter or information to your clients or potential clients through e-mail. It is also one of the traditional form of Online Marketing. For e-mail marketing, the data for targeted customers are generated through a software and then an HTML newsletter is sent out that helps it to avoid going to spams.

Why can’t I just do internet marketing myself to save more money?

Internet marketing may seem simple but the technique is vast when going deep. Internet marketing is based on some algorithms and rules, when not done correctly may lead to negative impact. So, it should be better handled by professionals to get the true benefits of Internet marketing.


This column deals with the kind of FAQs related to Purchasing of our services.

I am already doing SEO for my website, do I need SEM as well?

SEO enables your website to appear to the front of a search engine in an organic way. It is a gradual process and the improvisation takes some time. While SEM is a paid version of SEO that advertise your website to the top of any search engines. When you’re doing both SEO and SEM for a site then, it helps to maintain a good quality score and enables to rank higher in long term.

How long does it take to the online marketing campaigns to be effective?

While Google PPC, Facebook Marketing and Email marketing, it will help get instant results, SEO may take some time between 4-5 months for your websites to be ranked on the first page or so. SEO is a gradual process of optimization.

I am doing SEO for my website but cannot see my site in the first page?

SEO enables to improve the ranking for your website in an organic way. It is a gradual process where the keywords an advertiser bids, and the Quality Score the advertiser maintains plays a key role. Maintaining a good score helps your website to improve the ranking gradually to the top of any search engine and this type of impact lasts long.

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